Continuing Education Units: IAHCSMM

Leadership Units
Building a Successful Team Learn how to set peak-performance measures and identify strategies to maintain the momentum within a team. Participants will gain an understanding of the six components needed to build a successful team. 1.5 $6.00 Purchase
How Does Six Sigma Differ from Other Programs Through this module, participants will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Six Sigma and the essential role that employees play in the process. 2 $8.00 Purchase
S.M.A.R.T Goals: Setting Performance Goals and Expectations Learn effective ways to set goals using the measurable variables to map out the process in which the goal will be obtained.  Participants will be able to set and use S.M.A.R.T goals for their personal and professional lives. 1.5 $6.00 Purchase
Succeeding as Supervisor This unit introduces key principles for managing work performance and handling employee-related issues in a professional and proactive manner. 2 $8.00 Purchase
Sterile Processing Units
Basics of Effective Communication Gain an understanding of effective interpersonal skills by addressing self-awareness, conflict resolution, and team building. Participants will become familiar with the basics of communication theories and the fundamentals of interpersonal, written, and oral communication. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Factors Influencing the Sterilization Process This unit is designed to provide students with an understanding of the impact that their work practices can have on sterilization outcomes. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Instrument Cleaning and Decontamination Understand the importance of proper cleaning and decontamination practices. Participants will be able to identify the "enemies" of surgical instruments and common issues to consider when cleaning instruments. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Instrument Identification This unit is designed to enable participants to recognize common surgical instruments and describe basic cleaning and inspection guidelines. 2 $8.00 Purchase
Instrument Inspection and Assembly This unit is designed to provide students with an overview of the basic instrument inspection and assembly techniques. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Introduction to Surgical Instruments This unit is designed to introduce participants to the surgical instrument system and to recognize its importance to the healthcare facility. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Instrument Tracking and Information Systems This unit is an overview of the types of information that must be maintained in order to maintain an instrument system. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Instrument Quality Assurance This unit is designed to provide students with an understanding of the purpose and function of instrument quality assurance systems. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Managing Negative People Learn techniques to help them personally when dealing with negative team members. 2 $8.00 Purchase
Managing Stress This unit focuses on work-related stress and how it can affect the department. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Motivating Staff This unit introduces several strategies to motivate team members to achieve their goals and sustain focused energy over time. 1.5 $6.00 Purchase
Safety for Instrument Technicians This module covers employee safety when in the CS/SP department. Participants will learn the importance of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 1 $4.00 Purchase
SP/CS Impact on Patient Safety Gain a thorough understanding of how the CS/SP and OR departments work hand in hand to be successful in meeting the needs of the patient. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Specialty Instruments Decontamination This unit is designed to provide students with information and good work practices for handling specialty instruments. 1 $4.00 Purchase
The Art of Customer Service This unit is designed to give participants techniques that can be used to help make customers feel valued, nurtured, and satisfied. Participants will learn ways to tailor specific services to help meet customer's needs. 1 $4.00 Purchase
The Human Side of the Instrument System This unit is designed to provide students with insight into the impact that communication breakdowns and behavioral issues can have on an instrument system. 1 $4.00 Purchase
The Role of the User in Instrument Care This unit is designed to provide an understanding of the partnership that must be existent between the CS/SP and OR Departments to insure that instruments are properly handled at all times during their use cycle. 1 $4.00 Purchase
Time Management This unit focuses on time management and techniques that can help improve productivity and efficiency within the department. 1 $4.00 Purchase

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